COVID-19 Impact on Top Nepal (words from CEO)

Mon Nov 22 2021
COVID-19 Impact on Top Nepal (words from CEO)

Covid-19 is one of the worst crises human kinds is facing today. It has been a long time since the last human disaster, and we are still unsure how long this pandemic will last. Innumerable people are losing lives around the world every minute, but the world economy has been severely crippled.
Due to the coronavirus, a lot of opportunities opened up in Top Nepal, such as the growing need for the writers to write on different sites. This will help increase connections that support the primed remote interactions also people got an opportunity to work by staying at their own home. This has become the top priority of our organization due to the pandemic.

IT has become the most prominent internal function in the aftermath of COVID-19, with business and other functions expecting IT services and support like never before. IT will truly become the backbone of business in the post COVID-19 period.