7 Web Design Trends of 2021

Thu Sep 30 2021
7 Web Design Trends of 2021

Trends are ever-changing and 2020 is not an exception to this.

Design trends are the by-product of the growing technological landscape. The ability of web designers to be creative and push the limits of design is something to really behold. It is easy to get excited by all the shiny new web design trends of 2020 but choosing something among the vast variety of options can be overwhelming. An incorrect decision can cause a lot of problems not just for your business but also for your customers.

If you are unsure about how to go about adapting these changes to your website, we provide a highly coveted service for web design Nepal. We can help you adapt to these changing trends and help refresh your website for better ROI.

There are so many innovative things happening in web design right now that it gets hard to pick between them, but we hope you’ll enjoy our pick.

7 Web Design Trends of 2020.

  1. Dark mode design
  2. Upgraded gradient designs
  3. Immersive 3D elements
  4. Intentional imperfections
  5. Geometric shapes
  6. Glowing, Luminous color schemes
  7. Overlapping layers

Dark mode Design

Who here doesn’t love dark mode. With so many people opting for dark mode in their apps, browser elements like email and even their operating systems, it was only a matter of time before people started designing websites with a darker aesthetic. 

7 web design trends of 2020.
7 web design trends of 2020.

The use of dark interfaces complemented with bright accented elements and easy to read modern typography ensures that the designs are readable and visually appealing.

Upgraded gradient designs

Gradient designs are everywhere and used in a wide range from bold backgrounds with multi-color gradients to subtle gradients for texture, this trend is everywhere. Gradients look equally good on the large screen of TV or desktop and a small display of mobile devices which makes it a perfect fit for the responsive design trend.

7 web design trends of 2020.
7 web design trends of 2020.

The upgraded gradient design focuses on different stylings. It can be subtle or loud, as demonstrated in the examples above, depending on the colors used.

Immersive 3D elements

3D objects and elements were only used in games and entertainment for a long time. With the rise of processing power in devices, adding 3D objects and pseudo-3D objects in websites allows us to add realism to user interactions. In 2020, we have already started seeing many 3D web designs – static, animated, or interactive.

7 web design trends of 2020.
7 web design trends of 2020.

Until VR becomes a more mainstream and cost-effective option, hyper-realistic 3D elements that’s often taking up the whole screen is the best way for you to create an immersive experience for your site. We can guarantee that this will encourage the users to stay longer and decrease the bounce rate problem faced by so many websites.

Intentional imperfections

Imperfect, hand-drawn design elements inject emotion and humanity into websites, which is something that users crave after being subjected to the same old corporate designs of yesteryears. All these, add to the personal touches and aspect of humanity of the business and build trust with their customers. 

7 web design trends of 2020.
7 web design trends of 2020.

Unique and stylized, hand-drawn elements can show off your brand personality and set you apart from your competitors. Gaining this competitive edge can be the make or break for our business. 

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are the simple yet powerful resource that allows designers to create more visually appealing compositions. Such shapes are commonly used to create visual borders between different sections. 

But designers started to look for creative ways to use geometric shapes in their designs. Some examples include using soft geometric shapes to create a futuristic look, sharp lines and edges to create a more brutal and rough look, etc. Using this with other trends like gradients and bold typography helped create new and innovative designs that pushed some businesses to the forefront of the competitive market.

7 web design trends of 2020.
7 web design trends of 2020.

Glowing, Luminous color schemes

We are witnessing bold color pairings, used strategically to make web designs jump off the screen. Web design has become more courageous and daring, using glow-in-the-dark neons and highly saturated colors in combination with darker, muted shades to give the designs a more luminous feel.

Duotone web designs in particular is making this trend shine even more. Duotone keeps reinventing itself time and again to maintain its rightful place at the forefront of design. This latest iteration that we are seeing is the boldest yet, relying on futuristic, neon pops of color and stark color opposites to make visuals create a lasting impression on their audience’s minds.

7 web design trends of 2020.
7 web design trends of 2020.

With web design trends like extreme minimalistic designs and dark mode designs on the rise, glowing and luminous colors can really create an impact when used in unison with them.

Overlapping layers

Layers, layers, and nothing but more layers. Overlapping layers and elements don’t necessarily create a 3D effect, but they do aid in adding a sense of depth and dimension to projects that would have otherwise seemed bland and vanilla. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to adding layers on graphics alone, it can be equally effective for texts and photos. These effects give the design a lightweight feel as if the elements are floating over each other thus helping to create a distinction among the thousands of classic flat designs.

7 web design trends of 2020.
7 web design trends of 2020.

Overlapping is a nice way to organize a lot of different element and content types in a unified manner. The trickiest part for designers might be ensuring that these overlapping looks flow through the scroll of the design and create a seamless effect.


All of the above designs have a lot in common; the most common being their embrace of futurism. We have provided you with the guidelines and what to expect, but what you do with this information is completely up to you. You can opt for interactive 3D elements or layer elements to create a pseudo 3D effect, go with bright colors and contrasting gradients or opt for a darker aesthetic. 

Whether you’re just starting out on your designing journey or are an expert yourself, we hope you’ve gained some valuable insight from our breakdown of 7 web design trends of 2020. We here, at Top Nepal, are here to assist you in this journey to build an online presence for your business with our services for web design Nepal.