Top 10 Content Marketing Trends to master in 2020

content marketing trends 2020
April 15, 2020

By :topnepalad

What are the content marketing strategy to apply in 2020? What are the content marketing trends to follow in 2020? Well, here are Top 10 trends to follow to win the race.

Every day new tactics and trends emerge but the main challenge is to select the best that you want to use as your own strategy.

There are lots of trends and tricks revolving on the internet. We have decided to go through all the trends and focus on the main topics that are best to start your engine.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the way of creating awesome relevant content with the motive to attract more audiences and turn them into permanent customers.

There are plenty of famous brands that use the content marketing strategy to generate leads and gain sales.

What are the advantages of Content Marketing?

Content marketing allows the business to interact directly with their customers. With the help of the comment section, you can have a discussion with them which can provide a positive vibe for the business. This helps you build brand awareness and with the increase in engagement, people may buy something from you.

Comparing with traditional marketing

As time and trend change and so is marketing. The main point that makes a huge difference in traditional and digital marketing is the medium through which an audience encounters the business. 

With the rise of social media, traditional marketing is not so valued by the marketers. However, it’s still effective as traditional marketing is easy to understand, more memorable and printed marketing materials are more permanent. But, even with the advantage of what makes traditional loss against digital content marketing is because they are often expensive, more difficult to measure campaign, no direct interact with consumers and the list goes on.

Content Marketing Trends 2020

Content Experience

Competition for content is so fierce now, you need to grab some strategies to stand out among others. The best way to achieve success is to focus on the experience. 

Yes, you need to have relevant and informative content but it is very important to focus on providing the best user experience. There are various ways to improve your content experience like:

  • Optimizing loading speed
  • Check the responsiveness of the app
  • Long content with short paragraphs so that its easy to read on mobile devices
  • Use of search options for relevant topic
  • Optimize voice search option

Video Content

Video content has been the go-to for some brands over some years. It is seen that video content is the second option after the blog posts. Modern consumers expect to receive video content from their preferred brands. Video keeps audiences engaged longer than any other content. Some of the platforms you can use to post your videos are YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and of course your own website.

Now if you are confused with video structure and option to choose you can always follow the basics like Webinars, Q&A sessions, Product demos, Behind the scenes, interview or live chat with experts.

content marketing trend video content
Video content

Long Content

No matter what, the struggle to grab someone’s attention is the G.O.A.T(Greatest Of All Time). No, long-form content is not dead and it never will be. This approach still works the best. Long content helps to build trust with the readers as it tends to have in-depth info on the topic. It helps to showcase your writing and have a positive impact that you are expert at what you are doing. This approach really helps to improve your SEO. But always keep in mind “QUALITY > Quantity”.

Sound natural

Anything you right should sound natural. Start your content that feels more conversational. This strategy is to help your readers enjoy your content. Additionally, you can also focus on long keywords and questions as the title.


Content marketing is incomplete without SEO. If you want to stand out against your competitors you must focus on following more SEO strategies.

Stay updated with the SEO trends. Make changes to your content according to these SEO trends. 

It’s better to concentrate on long-tail keywords rather than popular keywords. Rather than stuffing try to concentrate on improving your content. Use more conversational content to increase the chances of showing up in featured snippets.

Use of social media platform

Social media users are growing day by day. Now the number of active social media users has reached 3.8 billion. It is very essential to stay active on social media platforms. You should share your content on social media, this allows your followers to see the content, who can share it with people who have never heard about your business. Staying active on social media helps to nurture the relationship you have with your current customers.

Focus on emerging trends and topics

Searching for emerging topics is the best way to stand out. 

You can use google trends to confirm whether the keyword is growing or shrinking. You can also use it to compare two trends. Once you get the emerging topic you can create content like video, blogs to attract more viewers to be your future customers.


Podcasts have become very popular in recent years. We can say that it is the most popular content marketing trend in 2020.

podcast content

People can listen to the podcasts while riding, walking, driving and also during sleep. They can focus on anything from entertainment to history. And nowadays industries are using the podcast for their promotion. Many businesses are creating podcasts where they discuss the current situation of the industry. Starting a podcast might be expensive at first, as it requires quality equipments. If you have a huge following then podcast can really help to boost your business.

Google Snippets

You might have noticed some answers in rectangle whenever you ask google a question. It’s called google snippet. Google snippets can provide a huge amount of traffic. They provide useful and accurate at the point information, whatever people are looking for. It’s a free business promotion and lead generation tactic. Always make sure to optimize your content for Google snippets wherever possible.

Data-Driven contents

Content marketing is not something to be approached haphazardly, you need to take time. Data-driven content focuses on providing specific value to a specific audience.

First, you need to adopt a data-driven mindset. More than allowing just data is not good, what you need to do is to ensure you are focusing on the right data. 

Wrapping up: Hope you enjoyed our Content marketing trends for 2020, don’t forget to go through our other blogs

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