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January 14, 2020

By :topnepalad

You have a profit-making business, and it’s running fine. But, you want to take it further, take your business to the next step. You want to market your business to increase your sales, improve your visits, or even bring in more people. But what’s stopping you? Your lack of knowledge about ads for Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc in the context of Nepal?

Is it that you don’t know how to market? Or is it that you aren’t sure enough of what exactly to do?

At this moment, around this period, almost everybody, from kids to adults, uses social media. While talking about socials, Facebook is something that comes to our minds straight away. We also know how many people use this platform for their entertainment, communication, and even for business purposes. So, Facebook ads in Nepal is the #1 way to bring in customers and increase your sales.

But you don’t know how?

Imagine yourself establishing your business then doing everything yourself from checking accounts to marketing your business. It’ll be quite hectic, right? Well, a business operates better only if work is delegated equally to the experts. Your company also needs work delegation, and that’s where outsourcing comes in!

Why do everything from within the organization when we can pay a smaller amount to the experts to do our work for us? You don’t actually need to interview every candidate to hire them, just outsource them.

In a similar manner, you don’t have to know about Facebook marketing to market your business digitally. You can outsource it as well.

For this, what better option than to choose Top Nepal International, which also specializes in digital marketing? They offer IT solutions your business will ever need from web development to digital marketing.

Let’s get back to our main topic – Facebook Marketing, that too, in Nepal!

Before you get into Facebook marketing, you’ll need to know some things like what to do and how to start? Well, here are (some) steps for you to follow to start your Facebook marketing needs.

1. Creating an Account

It’s as simple as that! Just create a Facebook business page for your firm, and don’t forget to create an ad account as well. 

2. Find Who Your Audiences are

Over 2 billion people from all around the world use Facebook. So, find out who you want to target. Check out the geographic and demographic visits and find people who are interested in your business,

3. Pick an Ad Format

After determining who to target, pick out a perfect ad format; there are a dozen ad formats available. Be creative and appeal to your visitor’s senses. But, don’t make it too hard for others to understand your ad.

4. Optimize Bidding and Budget Allocation

Always bid within your budget and hence, optimize the budget allocated to your biz. Focus on campaigns that bring in revenue than those which don’t.

5. Optimize and Repeat

Everybody wants to be the best, so why work less? Keep on optimizing your ads to better suit your audiences, set up an A/B testing, and repeat!

While talking about Facebook ads, there’s another thing that needs to be dealt with. You would want to know what types of ads to publish. Let’s start with the most common one!

1. Image ads

These are the most used ads because they are simple and can be created with only a few clicks. Recommended Image size for image ads is 1200×628 pixels.

2. Video ads

These types of ads can run in the News Feed, Stories, and even in longer Facebook videos. Video ads don’t only include videos with mp4 extension or similar, but you can also use the gif extensions to capture your viewer’s attention. Recommended video format is.MOV and.MP4 files with at least a resolution of 720p.

In addition to these kinds of ads, there are also some poll ads. These ads basically indicate a video ad with a poll of some sort. This is a new Facebook advertising method that usually brings in results pretty quickly.

3. Slideshow ads

Much like gif, take multiple photos and turn it into one single video. These types of videos are the same as video ads but load much faster.

4. Carousel ads

If you have a lot of images to work with, this kind of advertisement is for your business. This type of ads can show a variety of products, the same product with its benefits, or you can be as creative as you want.

5. Collection ads

Another of Facebook ads include collection ads, which basically seems similar to the carousel ads. Still, unlike it, Collection ads make it easier for businesses to showcase several products online.

6. Messenger ads

While many people use Facebook to scroll down the news feed, others just want it to stay connected to their friends through the help of messenger. This simple ads mechanism jumps into action as soon as you select Messenger as the desired placement for Facebook ads in Nepal.

7. Stories ads

What better way to target your audience, right? We all use stories pretty often; even if we don’t have time to go through the news feed or talk with friends through messenger, we certainly look at the Stories section. These types of ads are full-screen and vertical, usually video format! Stories ads are one of the most successful ads techniques of this time.

8. Game ads

This type of ad can also be called Playable ads. Create a game-like experience for your users and have a more interactive ads display.

9. Augmented Reality ads

This ad is a part of Stories ads! This is a new type of ads Facebook is trying out. Such stories ads make it able for users to make a change in the filters or animations to make your ads more interactive.

We’ve told you the types of ads and the steps to follow for Facebook Advertising but, below is the WHY of Facebook Marketing!

1. Brand Awareness

Make it easier for your audience to know about your brand.

2. Traffic

Do you want to place an ad to increase the visitors to your website?

3. Reach and Engagement

Do you want to improve your number of post likes and engagements? It can also be to reach more audiences and bring in more people to your event. 

4. Video Views

You’re a YouTuber personality, and you want to improve your video views.

5. App Installs

You’re an IT software company, and you want to get people to install your apps

6. Message

Get people to contact your business.

7. Conversions

Convert your audience to a subscriber or a buyer.

8. Catalog Sales

Show people your products!

9. Others

Other reasons include store traffic, lead generation, and more.

Well, for whatever reasons you market your business, do keep in mind that brand awareness and similar awareness group marketing objective usually works best. A study conducted by Moz found out that a dollar a day can bring in 4,000 people daily. Though this might not be true to all businesses, it can well be taken as a standard measure.

In this digital era, a lot of people are addicted to social media platforms and in Nepal as well, there are people who use Facebook extensively. For Facebook Advertising in Nepal, be sure to check out Top Nepal International, the company that believes in quality service!

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Facebook Advertising

You have a profit-making business, and it's running fine. But, you want to take it further, take your business to the next step.